My Insight Into London Sightseeing

May 5, 2008

England is famous in the world for its pubs and the city of London has loads of of them. There is a massive choice of drinking dens like Historic or gastro pubs or pubs on the river.

London has a glittering night time scene with a large amount of choices to choose from. West End has a amazing gay scene, while Brixton is great for dance music nightclubs. Camden is the most suitable town for gigs while Shoreditch is brilliant for warehouse parties. The more expensive and expensive clubs are found in Kensington.

London is world renowned for being the nearly all overpriced cities around the world for English citizens and visitors alike. Anyhow there are so many points of interest is offered for does not cost any money. For example most of London’s most important museums are free, nosing in England’s capital city’s markets and shops, rambles in the park, walkabouts by the river or strolls in pretty and historic places such as Wimbledon.

There are heaps of kinds of places to stay in the city of London for sightseers. Eg for the wealthy there are pricey accommodation in West End but there are also several more affordable hotels in the English capital. The further out of the centre of the capital you go, the better value the cost is. Nevertheless the most affordable option is a hostel or crashing on a friend’s floor.

There are many markets in England’s capital city and these are usually normally well liked with daytrippers. Eg Portobello Road market in Notting Hill is fabulous for antiques. The markets in Camden are wonderful for colourful jewellery while Borough Market is fantastic for a variety of sorts of luxury cuisine.

London is really huge but there are so many different means to get from a to b. The most agreeable and least expensive way is to get hold of a guidebook and A-Z and hit the pavement. When tourists visit London they often take the Tube but also enjoy to check out the regular black taxis or double decker buses. The cheapest way to get about is to arm yourself with an Oyster card and top it up with money.